We Are a Visual Media Firm
And Photography Studio

Visual Plus Studios is an award-winning, innovative and creative imaging solutions firm based in Nigeria.

With a seasoned team of professional photographers, videographers, scriptwriters and production crew, we handle everyday photography needs with uncommon creativity. Our results are top class with a refined finesse and style.

We simply just look into your minds and paint images of you using our lenses. Every member of our team is professionally trained in artistic areas other than their immediate skill needs.

This capacity building provides us with a multi-tasking crew that can deliver bespoke results on projects within the set time.

Why Choose Us?


We are a team of professionals who do not cut corners. We are passionate about what we do and we do it observing industry standards and international specifications.

Time Management

We value your time. Your job is done with keen attention to details while ensuring that your target schedule is met without excuses.

Customer Oriented

Our workforce is designed to please the customer at all times. Our policy runs on a ``customer first`` oriented objective.

Data Integrity and Safety

Your information is safe with us. We are mindful of your privacy and hold your data with high integrity. Your data is multiplexed into the multi-secure cloud storage for safety and backup.

We Are Trusted By 100+ Firms and Brands
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